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Beautyblender, a one-of-a-kind makeup accessory…

The history of Beautyblender begins with the hands of professional makeup artist Rea Ann Silva. With a 20-year of experience, she was one of the most sought-after professionals in Hollywood. Her work was often to the test and under the care of thousands of people since Rea Ann Silva was a make-up artist for countless celebrities.

With the development of technology and the appearance of HD cameras, Rea Ann Silva realized that the finishing of the make-up foundation had to be perfect. And that the traditional brushes were not enough. They often left marks on the bristles and delayed the make-up process.

So in 2002 determined, Rea Ann Silva began to develop what would become the most iconic sponge in the world! And in 2003 Beautyblender Pink was born. The most award-winning and innovative sponge on the market.

Since then the makeup sponge has not stopped receiving awards and honorable mentions!

Nowadays, Beautyblender continues to drive innovation with products that require minimal effort. And they still deliver extraordinary results.

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