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The Chloé universe is full of feminine, bohemian and romantic elements. The brand, currently considered one of the favorites of the luxury market, was founded in 1952 by Jacques Lenoir and Gaby Aghion (of French-Egyptian origins).

From the very beginning, one of the brand’s mottos has remained: to endow luxury and sophistication with modern, light as well as flowing, and timeless features.

Audacious, free, young, romantic, as well as revolutionary, are some adjectives that describe the French brand.

Some of the most respected names in the fashion world have gone through its artistic direction. For example, Karl Lagerfeld and Stella McCartney were both responsible for adding the romantic, young and irreverent character to Chloé.

Its broad portfolio, besides adding clothing and accessories, also includes vibrant and passionate perfumes. The first was launched in 1975. Over time, numerous worldwide successes have emerged that tease together the softness of the feminine world and the masculine dimensions. The dichotomy of the two styles exists in perfect harmony in the Chloé universe. In its perfumes, the brand also embodies a discreet elegance. In addition to an innate sense of style and extreme ease in charming everyone around them.

Luxury with a conscience

If on the one hand, Chloé wants to uplift women, rebalance gender-based inequalities and promote inclusion, on the other, it inquires to create beautiful products with a significant impact on people and the planet.

In this way, all of the brand’s products are committed not only to responsible sourcing but also to a progressive decrease in the impact on the planet.

In short, Chloé symbolizes ambition, authenticity as well as independence, lightness, sensuality, femininity… And much more!

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