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Erborian Korean Skincare
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Erborian means “Herbs of the Orient” and tells the story of the fusion of 2 worlds in creating a concept of Perfect Skin. The brand is born of the combination of the best that Korean science and philosophy possess and the Avant-guard and technological evolution that France can offer.

Is the perfect harmony between the East and the West.

Developed with high-quality ingredients derived from Korean herbs and documented by Korean pharmacopeia, Erborian products are innovative and uniquely formulated to reveal lightness and preserve youthful skin.

Inspired by ancient Korean traditions, the Korean herbs used in the formulation of the products have a double advantage: they are incredibly effective because they are extremely pure, but are also very soft and well tolerated by the skin.

Erborian and the Korean ritual

The Korean women’s beauty ritual is one of the most sophisticated in the world and the basis of the entire Erborian brand concept. This beauty ritual is based on the principle of layers, which consists of the successive application of beauty care in a specific order to achieve perfect luminosity. For this reason, the Erborian brand cleaning ritual takes 4 to 5 steps! All for immaculate skin…

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