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Sesderma is an innovative and award-winning Spanish dermatological laboratory. It is known for the use of nanotechnology for the development of its therapeutic formulas. This technology allows the transport of active ingredients (such as Glycolic Acid, Vitamin C and Retinol, etc.) more effectively. Achieving deeper layers on the skin due to the high power of penetration. As a consequence dermatological results have never been achieved before.

The mission of Sesderma…

“To satisfy the needs of our clients by offering them customized products for each type of skin thanks to the use of integral dermatology, which combines technical innovation with customer’s feedback.”

Nanotechnology by Sesderma…

The brand is a pioneer and expert in the use of nanotechnology for the creation of its cosmetic products. Nanotechnology is the “Asset transport technology through nanosized liposomes with high penetration power”.

Nanosomes, are extraordinarily small vesicles composed mainly of phospholipids. They are very similar to the structure of our skin and our cells, achieving an easy penetration. Inside they carry all kinds of ingredients.

With the use of nanosomes, it is possible to control the amount and release of the ingredients of a formula. Thus the active ingredients are not wasted in the upper layers of the skin, and it is possible to release them deeper, even inside the cell. But the incorporation of active ingredients into nanosomes has more benefits. They are able to protect the internal organs from oxidative processes. This ensures the purity of the formula and its stability. Thanks to its level of penetration and controlled release, less amount of the active ingredient can be used, reducing undesired adverse effects.

Sesderma … the technology at the service of dermatology!

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