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Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co.

It all began in 1837 when visionary Charles Lewis Tiffany began exploring his passion for the rarest and most extraordinary gemstones. A talent that has endured over the centuries and has allowed him to build what is today the leading reference in innovative jewelry design and specialized craftsmanship.

Redefining the concept of glamour and style, Charles was the brilliant mind behind the diamond ring as a symbol of love.

Timeless designs and peerless craftsmanship

With the introduction of the Tiffany® Setting, the world’s most iconic engagement ring, the brand went from being just a jewelry store to being known as a destination for timeless designs and unique artisanship. Such an achievement is due to the perfect projection of the diamond that allows it to float above a delicate six-pin setting.

Tiffany Blue Box, the icon of sustainable luxury

As famous as the rings, the Tiffany box is a reference of sophistication and exclusivity around the world. However, besides being beautiful it is made through sustainable sources and recycled materials. As well as paper and wood fiber materials that are equally sustainably sourced.

Classic, elegant fragrances

In 1972, the first Tiffany & Co. perfume was launched, which immediately captured the most refined senses. With a unique identity and a powerfully innovative and modern design, all of the brand’s signature fragrances allude to sumptuous diamonds while exalting the elegance of the feminine spirit.

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