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The shampoo is traditionally the first step of the hair routine. Its function is to effectively clean both the hair and the scalp, eliminating pollution residues as well as product excesses, while promoting hair health.
In this sense, making the right choice about which shampoo to use is very important.
Which shampoo suits my hair type
-Fine hair. Characterized by a lack of volume and little movement, fine hair needs care rich in volumizing actives. As a rule, it contains proteins and polymers to improve the appearance of the strands. Formulas should be lightweight and not impart additional weight.

-Dry hair and/or hair with split ends. Rough-looking and frizzy, dry hair should be cleaned using nourishing shampoo. Some moisturizing components such as oil or shea butter can be highlighted.

-Gray hair. For gray hair -more sensitive to aggressions- you should opt for solutions with gray and/or purple pigments to neutralize the yellowish tones as well as moisturizing actives (the same recommendation is made for blonde hair).

-Oily scalp. To counteract oily roots, you must invest in Sebo-regulating shampoos. That is, that regulates the production of sebum while eliminating residues. Aloe vera and mint are recurring actives in this type of care.

-Sensitive scalp. With gentle formulas to mitigate the associated discomfort, cleansing care for sensitive scalp should be infused with soothing elements.

-Brown hair. To preserve a perfect brunette hue, shampoo for this hair type should have blue pigments as well as hydrants. Not only to increase shine but also to neutralize unwanted orange/copper tones.

Olaplex, L’oreal Professionnel, Redken, and Phyto are some of the brands that make up our selection of shampoos. Should you need it, a specialized beauty team is at your disposal and will be glad to answer your questions. Contact us!

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