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Curly hair

Maintaining curly hair with perfectly defined, loose curls can be quite demanding.
How does curly hair function?
This type of hair is more frizzy than straight hair, as well as drier and less shiny than the rest. This is because its “curl” shape blocks the optimal circulation of nutrients along the strand so that the natural oils don’t make their way to the ends.  In this sense, we recommend that you choose highly moisturizing products, capable of controlling unwanted frizz in soft and light textures.

Also, not all hair with curls is the same. Thanks to the authenticity of each curl, we can define 3 types of curly hair.

– Wavy;
– Very curly. That is, spiral curls (loose or tight) stand out;
– Coarse with very tight spirals.
Hair routine for a defined and hydrated look
1. Wash your scalp and lengths, and remove built-up residue with a nourishing and moisturizing shampoo.
2. Apply a conditioner with an extra rich texture. This should be able to deeply nourish, make curls easier to detangle, as well as reduce the likelihood of unwanted breakage.
3. Apply a styling product that defines the curls and increases nourishment, moisture, and shine. Here you can opt for a leave-in cream, hair oil, or nourishing serum.
4. Between washes apply a curl reactivator product. For us, the must-have of any routine for curly hair.

Kérastase, L’oreal Profissionnel, Redken, Phyto… Explore our different care options for curly hair.

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