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Extremely common, dandruff has a significant impact on the way we relate to each other, on our comfort and social confidence. With possible consequences on hair health, dandruff is the result of a combination of different elements. At Lyskin you will find internationally renowned brands that will put an end to the discomfort associated with this condition.

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What is dandruff? How is it formed?
It is nothing more or less than dead cells that, thanks to the process of inflammation and excessive flaking, adopt a whitish shade.

With several elements encouraging its formation, dandruff can be classified in two distinct ways:

Dry- characteristic of a dry scalp, it is triggered by stress, but also by dietary, therapeutic as well as seasonal factors.
Oily – unlike the previous one, it is more difficult to treat. It has the appearance of greasy, yellow flakes. In addition, the scalp often turns rosy and irritated.

How to treat it
To eliminate social discomfort, extreme itching, and usual scalp irritation, you should incorporate into your hair routine treatments with purifying, antibacterial as well as soothing properties.

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