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Sensitive scalp

Sensitive scalp

Tailored and non-aggressive care, dermatologically developed to care for sensitive scalp. Isdin, Phyto, L’oreal Professionnel, and other care perfectly adapted to your needs.
Symptoms of sensitive scalp
When the cutaneous barrier is weakened and the hydrolipidic film of the scalp is destroyed, the loss of moisture is dramatically increased, making the scalp more susceptible to aggressors. As such, a set of highly unsettling symptoms emerge. Namely:

Key Triggers
-Vitamin deficiencies
-Unbalanced diet
-Exposure to solar radiation

All these inducers of scalp irritation lead to the extreme need to incorporate into our routine care capable of restoring the essential balance and soothing.
The most appropriate care
Opt for care that is highly respectful of the scalp’s integrity. In particular, they should be tolerant of the protective barrier function, with gentle formulas and preferably sulfate-free. In short, their main functions should be to soothe and relieve discomfort as well as to provide a sense of lasting comfort.

Also, it is imperative that, when washing your hair, you perform light, circular movements and rinse with plenty of warm water. When drying your hair, pay special attention to the temperature, the heat must be low.

In case you need it, a specialized beauty team is at your disposal and will be glad to answer your questions. Contact us!

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