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Mesoestetic age element anti-wrinkle solutions

Mesoestetic age element anti-wrinkle solutions

Mesoestetic age element anti-wrinkle solutions aggregate a set of anti-aging care that intensively treats every sign of aging enhancing beauty in every period of life.

And what does it do? 

Consisting of formulas with patented and epigenetic efficacy – that is, that act on the main accelerators of skin aging – its primary focus is to fill wrinkles for smoother skin, as well as to restore comfort to fragile skin. 

To whom it is indicated

Suitable for all skin types Mesoestetic age element anti-wrinkle solutions are especially indicated for a thin complexion with loss of facial volume.

In short, it treats wrinkles while stimulating the production of endogenous collagen and renewing the fibers. As a result, wrinkles are intensively smoothed.

Star ingredients

For this purpose, the line is mainly composed of:

– Plant Retinol retexturizes the skin and stimulates regeneration, smoothing the deepest wrinkles.
– Biopeptides provide a protective and regenerating effect on the dermal structure.
– [meso]epigen system™ that activates the production of growth factors.

Firmer, smoother as well as perfectly plumped skin. With just one application. 

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