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Kérastase nutritive

Kérastase nutritive

Kérastase nutritive is a range rich in moisturizing and nourishing actives with tailored solutions for all types of dry hair. In this sense, it has a wide range of care that allows you to select the most suitable treatment for your level of hair dryness.

For whom it is indicated

Comprised of 7 highly effective products, which have been developed in full cooperation between scientists and hair stylists, Nutritive provides solutions for all hair types, as well as 3 different levels of dryness. Therefore, it can be used by:

– Normal to dry hair;
– Thick and dry/very dry hair;
– Fine and dry/very dry hair;
– Dry and rebellious hair.

The star ingredients

An innovative formula that features a unique blend of active ingredients that aim not only to nourish but also to soften and preserve hair health. Thus it is composed mainly of:

– Lipids. Being an element naturally present in the hair fiber (internally and externally), this ingredient enhances the natural production of oil. As a result, hair becomes more manageable and softer.
– Glycides. Infused with moisturizing properties, they provide a real burst of energy to nourish the hair fiber. Not only at the roots, but also at the ends.
– Proteins. For its part, this active has an important role in hair reconstruction and therefore nourishes the fiber for smoother hair.
– Iris rhizome extract. This will protect the hair from oxidation while providing long-lasting nourishment.

Discover your Kérastase Nutritive routine at Lyskin.

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