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The history of Aveeno remote to 1945. Albert and Sidney Musher, on the role of nature in the well-being of the human being. Moved by a deep belief of nature is an answer to the well-being of the skin, beginning to experiment with raw cereals. The finely ground oatmeal. The bird baths quickly find themselves a success. It has even been proven that this treatment is very effective in reducing the symptoms of the skin prone to eczema. Bird baths are still used today and recommended by dermatologists.

“Aveeno” the brand name

Inspired by the “Avena sativa” name in Latin for oats, the brothers created the Aveeno brand. Nowadays the brand is recognized worldwide. It is associated with important health professionals and scientists, with the aim of discovering new natural ingredients that promote the well-being of the skin. With unique and nature-derived formulas, Aveeno care is committed to alleviating the symptoms of skin discomfort and hair.

The commitment

From early, Aveeno seeks to discover the most effective ingredients, coming from nature. The goal is to unlock its power, to provide benefits to the skin and hair. However always with the premise of total safety and high tolerance. By creating effective, reliable products recommended by health professionals.

The ingredients

Aveeno uses only high-quality natural ingredients. Planted in regions that offer the ideal conditions for the development of plants. This is the only way to achieve the beneficial production of ingredients. Brand scientists follow strict parameters of ingredient selection, formulation, and production. This guarantees the stability and purity of all ingredients.


Whenever possible, Aveeno uses natural ingredients in the formulation of its products, developing sustainable formulas, and, above all, safe. In some cases, however, to ensure the safety, stability, and efficacy of a product it is necessary to resort to unnatural alternatives.

Another responsibility lies with the environment. The brand continuously works to reduce the amount of material that is used to store each product. Just like the choice of materials! The preference for recycled and recyclable materials is a constant. Aveeno continues to improve its products, packaging, and manufacturing process to make them as natural and as free as possible.

Animal testing

Aveeno does not perform animal testing of its products anywhere in the world, except in countries where government laws so require it.

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