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Fragrance Family

Fragrance Family

Did you know that there are different fragrance types of perfume? Although it is not consensual we can consider that there are 8 different fragrance families. They are  

> Woody Perfumes

Seductive, elegant, and imposing, woody perfumes are inspired by nature. This way, rustic and natural chords stand out, as is the example of wood.

> Aromatic Scents

Characterized by a fusion of earthy ingredients, citrus, and oriental aromas, it offers a fresh and refined sensation.

> Cyprus Perfumes

They are ideal for special occasions. They have sophisticated notes in a perfect combination of woods, moss, fruits, and flowers.

> Citrus Fragrances

They emanate lightness and freshness. Rich in fruits, they are perfect to face a hot day. 

> Floral scents

The main ingredient of this fragrance family is flowers, so there is a wide variety of finishes: sweet, fresh, and/or dry. 

> Fruity scents

Enriched with fresh notes, fruity scents send you into a natural world.

> Fresh scents

More subtle, this fragrance family exalts the simplicity of nature and the freshness of seawater.

> Oriental scents

With enveloping and spicy notes, they are considered the most refined and elegant of scents.


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Woody Perfumes

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