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Just like the skin, hair ages naturally and gradually. Especially after the age of 40, due to hormonal changes, aging will become more evident through visible changes in hair texture.
Signs of aging hair
You know that your hair is getting older when:

White strands appear;
Hair loses volume;
The growth process slows down;
It loses luminosity:
The strands are thinner as well as difficult to style.
They look dry and stiff;
There is greater sensitivity and, therefore, more willingness to break the hair fiber.

Aging Accelerating Factors
In addition to hormonal changes, fiber wear is also influenced by genetic predisposition, sun exposure, the performance of chemical procedures as well as the use of heat tools.
In this sense, we can conclude that, despite being inevitable, it is possible not only to delay its development, but also to rescue the luminosity, the silky touch, and the malleability.
How to revert and/or slow down
To this end, the aging process can be challenged if we are alert to the signs and causes of acceleration. Therefore, keep an eye on the changes while adapting your hair routine to your needs.
To achieve shiny, soft, naturally moving, and healthy-looking strands, you should implement habits that act directly on the causes of aging while restoring the fiber’s health from the inside out. Only in this way will you regain a youthful appearance and accelerate hair revitalization.

Redken, L’Oréal Professionnel, Kérastase, and Phyto are some of the brands that promise to offer youth to your hair. Explore the option that best suits your  needs. If you need it, a specialized beauty team will be at your disposal and will be glad to answer your questions. Contact us!

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