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About Lyskin

Lyskin, more than an online store, is a brand driven by clear, genuine, and straightforward values.

Welcome to LYSKIN!

Founded in 2017 in Portugal – a country by the sea known for its radiant coastline and honorable people – the dream Lyskin, Love Your Skin was born.

Lyskin, more than an online store, is a brand driven by clear, genuine, and straightforward values. Our mission is based on self-acceptance, where the beauty and self-care universe provides a pleasurable experience. Meaning, that it allows you to live fully, with confidence, pride, and sympathy for your skin.

Every day, we work to gather products that not only respect your different needs and demands but also have high performance.

Since every skin is authentic and every hair unique, our beauty experts propose solutions according to your preferences. We aim to make you happy!

Your joy is our joy

Helping to make your skin as healthy and beautiful as possible is our goal. In a professional, unbiased, and truthful way, our team has beauty professionals who will advise you as best as they can.

For this to be possible, we believe it is essential to provide our experts with professional training from a wide range of laboratories, brands, and dermatologists

Put us to the test!

To get professional skin care advice, just go to "Lyskin services" and click on "Find your routine". From there you simply share what your skin concerns are, what your favorite brand is, or if you prefer what budget you want to invest.

We promise to carefully analyze your skin profile and design a strategy to get you results. For a quick question, feel free to access our chat room and talk to our team. We can't wait to meet you!
Customer Support

Here everyone has a voice. Regardless of your location, we are committed to answering all messages promptly.

We value and thank those who trust our consulting services, cherish those who choose to buy from our store and strive to improve every experience.

Our Environmental Impact

We are conscious of our environmental impact. Thus, and while this is still a growing goal, we act to reduce waste.

  • We reuse materials received from suppliers.
    All our boxes are 100% recyclable and also made from recycled materials.
  • We seek to package using environmentally friendly materials.
  • All our orders are delicately perfumed by hand, giving preference, as much as possible, to ecological ones.
Our customers’ evaluations

With confidence in the present and a vision for the future, we are endorsed by thousands of customers who come to us not only for the quality of our products but also for our personalized advice.

The proof is the 4.7/5 star ratings from our worldwide clientele. Europe, the United States, Asia… your order will arrive in perfect condition at your selected destination.