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Long hair with split ends

Long hair with split ends

As hair grows, split ends form and become a nightmare for those who want long, healthy, flowing hair. They are almost inevitable, but some precautions can be taken to prevent long hair with split ends.
How do they form?
Once they are installed, the best solution to stop split ends from spreading is to actually go to the hairdresser to cut them off. However, while trimming the ends with some regularity is of utmost importance, there is a way to prevent your beautiful long hair from becoming difficult to master and postpone going to the hairdresser.

First of all, we point out that split ends originate when there is a lack of keratin in the strands (extreme dryness). Therefore, your routine should be rich in highly moisturizing products. In addition, if you are one of those who can’t do without a hair styler, you must apply a thermal protector throughout your entire length daily.
Tips to treat and/or prevent split ends

As mentioned above, to prevent the extreme dryness of your ends, not only should you prioritize moisturizing care but also thermal protectors whenever you use a heat tool.
Since a lack of care when washing and styling your hair may also be responsible for split ends, use gentle movements instead of twisting your hair every time you wash it.
Opt for fabric hair accessories.
The friction between hair and pillow while sleeping also induces dehydration, so silk capes are great options to prevent hair wear as well as unwanted frizz.


Redken, L’Oréal Professionnel, Kérastase, and Phyto are some of the brands that promise to offer soft hair with shine as well as vitality. Explore the option that best suits the needs of your long hair with split ends.

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