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We live life to the fullest, in a never-ending hustle and bustle where, as time goes by, we achieve victories and face obstacles. In the face of such stress, it is common that we don’t take care of ourselves enough, and even some changes have occurred. Namely in our hair health.

In this sense, we have selected a series of professional-quality care products that guarantee you an effective routine, as well as perfectly tailored to your needs. Avoid dull, dry as well as completely devitalized strands by incorporating small hair care gestures into your daily routine.
How to organize my hair routine?
It doesn’t take many steps to preserve the shine and softness of your strands. Just 4 steps can guarantee an impeccable look on any occasion. Follow our advice and get the products best suited for your hair type.
1. Scalp
A healthy and clean scalp is the first step to impressive hair. So pay particular attention and perform a weekly peeling and/or exfoliation. In addition, we advise you to perform a comfortable scalp massage to boost blood circulation and, as a result, stimulate growth.
2. Washing
For oily, dry, split ends, or colored hair at Lyskin we provide the right care so that you can preserve/restore its health while eliminating all kinds of impurities.
To avoid breakage, massage the scalp with shampoo. Then add a little water and massage the ends, or rinse thoroughly to wash the rest of the hair.

As far as how often, we recommend that you wash your hair once or twice a week.
3. Nourish and moisturize
Next, apply conditioner approximately 3 centimeters above the ends. Leave it on for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly.
Weekly, you should use a hair mask, which should be used immediately after the shampoo.
4. Protect from heat and/or external aggressions.
Before proceeding to styling with any heat tool, apply a protective cream or spray along the entire length of the strands. This way you prevent your hair from getting damaged.

At Lyskin you will find world-renowned brands: Redken, L’oreal Professionel, Phyto, Rene Furterer… Choose your favorite one. If you need it, a specialized beauty team will be at your disposal and will be glad to clarify your doubts. Contact us!

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