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Phyto was born from the vision of a renowned hairdresser in the 1950s. Patrick Alès was a true pioneer in hair styling and care, having invented brushing in 1964. In addition to his love for hair, he combined his passion for plants.

Patrick discovered the power of plants when he bought an old house in central France. In the attic, he found old bottles containing oils and dried plants preserved by the former owner, a herbalist apothecary.

The history of the brand, and the union of these two passions, begins in its hair salon, in Paris. Patrick realized that chemically formulated products damaged his hands and weakened his clients’ scalp. Then the idea began to grow that more natural treatments would bring greater benefits to the skin and hair.

With the help of his wife, Patrick began to prepare his first hair care, mixing plants in an old bread kneading machine, with the motto that marks the brand’s ideology:

«Primum non nocere» [Above all, that is not harmful]

His belief was: if plants have cosmetic properties for the skin, they necessarily have them for the hair.

Phyto, a dream come true…

In 1969, the scientific approach to plant properties began, with the creation of PHYTOTHÉRATHRIE. Which means: Phyto = plants, Thera = treatment, and Trix / thrie = hair. That is, a concept of treating hair through the benefits of plants.

Two years later, PHYTOSOLBA Laboratories are created. To focus on the scientific study that proves the effectiveness of products and, simultaneously, allows the development of new ones.

Beautiful and healthy hair through the power of plants!

For over 50 years Phyto products have made a mark on hair history. And still today the brand is a world reference due to its innovative character and its spectacular results…

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