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Nail care

It is certain that when they look neat and beautiful they influence our confidence. Nails, more than an aesthetic element are an important component in our body and therefore require specific nail care.

Composed, above all, of keratin, they are an important expression of our health. So if you notice your nails brittle, soft, thin, as well as fragile or devitalized, it is essential that you take care of them.
By adding a strengthening base to your nail care routine you will allow them to grow long, beautiful, and strong.

However, several other practices will help ensure beauty and healthy nails.
– Keep cuticles perfectly hydrated.
– Don’t bite your nails or remove the skin from your cuticles.
– Apply moisturizing care daily.
– Always use nail polish. Whether it is strengthening, with color, or transparent, nail polish is essential to preserve the integrity of the nail.
– Avoid contact with cleaning products.
– Prefer a diet rich in vitamin A as well as zinc, and calcium.

Lyskin has the solution for all your nail problems! Discover the products of Mavala, Neutrogena, ISDIN, among others. A specialized beauty team will be happy to answer your questions if needed.

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