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With over 60 years of experience, MAVALA is the world’s leading brand in hand and nail care!

Created in 1958 by Madelaine Van Landeghem, the Swiss brand was immediately a success due to the development of the Scientifique product. A nail hardening care absolutely revolutionary at the time. Scientifique remains to this day the best-selling product on the market for the treatment of brittle and fragile nails. Being a world best seller!

Over the years the brand has been gaining notoriety, and at the moment it is synonymous with extreme quality. With products developed from rigorous research and high-quality standards, Mavala care is highly specific and highly effective. They offer professional and unparalleled quality in the treatment of nails, hands, feet, and eyelashes.

An expert in nail care offers an extremely complete range of products to address a wide range of nail concerns. From the uneven surface to dehydration, discoloration, split, fragility, or hardened cuticles, Mavala is certainly a solution!

The brand also offers more than 150 colors of varnishes with many different finishes. With the added value: varnishes are free from toluene, formaldehyde, phthalates, parabens, camphor, ingredients of animal origin, heavy metals, and nickel. What allows the safe use of all Mavala products!

With a proven nail quality, naturally, the brand has extended its research and expertise to the treatment of hands. And so the hand care line was born. This line has different products, such as hand masks, night creams, extreme care, among others.

But the excellence of the brand covers other treatments, such as those of the eyelashes! In 1967 the brand launched an innovative product: Double-Cils! A fortifier of eyelashes and eyebrows with impressive results. Its formula prolongs, protects, and fortifies the eyelashes and eyebrows, allowing them to grow with health, strength, and resistance.

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