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Lyskin Nuxe Rêve de Thé Body Range
NUXE BODY RÊVE DE THÉ! Your 100% feel-good body care routine with the revitalizing scent of green tea and ultra-refreshing textures to beautify your skin. Find out all about the Nuxe body range here. The collection includes a scrub, shower gel, toning cream, fragrant water, deodorant, and moisturizing milk.
Lyskin Caudalie Vinoclean New Cleansing Range
If you're looking for a cleaner, more natural, and sustainable beauty routine, start with products that you use every day, twice a day: make-up removers & cleansers. The new CAUDALIE VINOCLEAN range gives you a choice of luxurious cleansers that are vegan with highly natural formulas and eco-friendly packaging.

Even and natural tan: what to do to get one

Summer… Sun, beach, pool, and terraces. Do you also feel instantly in a better mood and have a craving for a day at the beach? Everything you need to know for a long-lasting, beautiful, healthy, even, and natural tan is in this post! Let’s start right at the beginning. If exposure and the use of sunscreen have not been sufficient for the desired results, what should I do?

International Women’s Day: let’s challenge gender inequality

#ChooseToChallenge is the motto for International Women’s Day in 2021. Challenge to discuss, challenge to reflect. Perhaps because we are a company with empowered women, who have walked their own path. Or because we want to be the change we want to see in the world. And maybe because we believe that a challenged world is a world in constant progress.

The best new skincare products launched in 2020

Every year, brands reinvent themselves, discover new ingredients and launch new products to provide an increasingly effective response to each one of us skin concerns. Just keep reading and get to know, brand by brand, the best new skincare products launched in 2020. We selected those that most excited us in terms of efficiency and innovation. You will be amazed!

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