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Vichy is a protected region of Auvergne in France. In this region is born the Mineralizing Thermal Water that gave rise to the Vichy brand.

After discovering the therapeutic benefits to Mineralizing Thermal Water, Dr. Haller has incorporated this ingredient into his cosmetic formulas to treat sensitive skin. This gave rise to the legacy of the French brand.

Founded in 1931 Vichy is a French brand proudly committed to skin care.

Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water…

Currently all Vichy formulas are formulated with Mineralising Thermal Water, loaded with 15 minerals and essential nutrients for the skin’s beauty. Captured in a protected area, from pollution (a legal decree dating from 1874), this pure, 100% natural water enhances the skin’s natural defenses against daily aggression. Each batch of Mineralizing Thermal Water is subjected to a rigorous control process to ensure that all its natural strengthening properties remain intact prior to being labeled and preserved on file so that it can be traced back up to 4 years after the production of products containing water lot.

Although sold worldwide, the products continue to be produced in the same region. One of the main factories is, moreover, located less than 5 kilometers from the thermal springs.

Brand warranty…

Hypoallergenic formulas, tested on sensitive skin with proven efficacy by dermatologists.

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