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Baby & Mom

Baby & Mom

Thinking of first-time parents or those who are looking for more practical and highly tolerant products, we have created the Baby & Mom section. Here you will find the ideal products to care for your baby’s delicate skin as well as for mommy, who has been put to the test over time.
For Moms
There is no doubt that pregnancy is one of the most beautiful times in a person’s life. However, it brings challenges pre, during, and post-pregnancy. That is, with an extra dose of hormones, the skin that we knew until then – and that will be home for months to come – will change.
What changes happen in the pregnant woman’s body?
They are not linear, each body is different and each pregnancy is unique! However, the most common body changes are:
– Increased fluid retention capacity (a pregnant woman can retain up to 8 liters of water);
– Tired legs;
– Skin blemishes,
– Edemas;
– Stretch marks, among others.

But don’t worry, these conditions can be avoided as well as treated completely safely.
Mommy Skincare Routine
From the third month on, it is important that you start a treatment aimed at preventing the loss of belly tone. Thus, favor moisturizing care that can tone your face and body. These should not contain high concentrations of lipids, as well as control sebum production.
To prevent stretch marks from forming, using moisturizing and firming emollients is key during the gestational period.
Finally, after having your baby, recover your tonus by applying a moisturizing emollient that has firming properties.

These should be able to enhance the regeneration of skin tissue and promote the formation of elastin and collagen.
For babies
Babies’ skin is thinner, more sensitive as well as more susceptible to irritants. They, therefore, need hygiene care and moisturizers that not only guarantee a high level of tolerance, but also safety. In short, they must perfectly respect the delicate composition of babies’ skin for a long time.

Routine protection of baby skin
Over time, it is essential to prevent and soothe skin irritations on the baby. So, in their daily hygiene you should opt for care:
– soap-free;
– with a physiological pH;
– hypoallergenic;
– mild;
– moisturizing.
Immediately afterward, dry the baby’s skin thoroughly by wrapping it in an extra soft towel. Depending on the type of skin, you should apply products that ensure lasting nourishment.

In addition, to care for different dermatitis (diaper rash, perioral dermatitis, and seborrheic dermatitis), here you can find the most tolerant and effective care products and keep your baby lastingly calm.

Explore our different brands Bioderma, La roche posay, Avène, Isdin and more. Should you need it, a specialized beauty team is at your disposal and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us!


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