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Deep wrinkles

Whether we like it or not, deep wrinkles cannot be avoided forever. However, it is possible to delay their appearance as well as to do it gracefully. In this skincare section, you will find a range of products that will allow you to age healthy and gradually. But first, let us explain what the process of wrinkle formation looks like. 

With different triggers, aging is stimulated by external and internal factors and can present various degrees and not always correspond to chronological age. Instead, biological age varies according to the intensity of skin damage/changes. 

What are wrinkles? 

As mentioned above, there are different stages of aging, more precisely 4, and wrinkles are apparent in all of them. However, the marked lines on the skin noticeable on facial movement, gestures, expressions, or even when at rest – that is, the deep wrinkles – shall be considered to start at grade III. 

How are they formed?

In stage III of skin aging, there are several changes in the skin structure that, as a result, lead to loss of elasticity, decreased firmness, and wrinkles.

This happens thanks to the slowing of cell renewal, the deterioration of the outer layers of the skin as well as the loss of quality of the tissues that make up the skin’s structure.  

Main triggering factors 

In addition to intrinsic processes, environmental and lifestyle factors speed up the biological aging of the skin. Therefore, you should avoid the following practices: 

Excessive sun exposure;
Constant exposure to polluted environments; 
Poor diet;
Excessive sugar ingestion. 

Take this information into consideration when browsing our exclusive products.   At Lyskin you will find creams, serums, sunscreens, ampoules, and much more to take care of deep wrinkles. And thus prolong the youthful look of your complexion. 

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