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Caudalie We Cultivate Beauty. Inspired by the vineyards, the Caudalie was born in 1993 in the vineyards of the Château Smith Haut Lafite in Bordeaux. So it is closely linked to the preciousness of the vineyards.

The brand bases its face and body care on the extraordinary power of the antioxidants present in the grape and vine polyphenols. This is because polyphenols are the most powerful antioxidants that occur in the plant world! And the best way to protect the skin against oxidative stress, responsible for the premature aging of the skin.

Scientifically proven, Caudalie care protects the skin in a unique way, due to its concentration in antioxidants. They have the ability to repair and regenerate the skin while revitalizing. Developed in partnership with the Harvard Medical School and the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Bordeaux, the plant-based formulas ensure high efficacy through objective clinical trials and safety.

What does “Caudalie” mean?

“Caudalie” is a measure of wine quality. Measures the durability of the wine’s taste in the taste buds during a tasting. The better the quality of a wine, the greater the durability of its flavor … the more Caudalies you will have!

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