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Loreal professionnel

Loreal Professionnel was born in Paris, in 1909, from the avant-garde spirit of Eugène Schueller. A young chemist who has dedicated all his work and experience to changing the lives of hair professionals.

It all started with one of the first hair dyes that Eugène formulated, manufactured, and sold to Parisian hairdressers. It is this product that begins the project that would become the L’Oréal Group.

With this first product, the first foundation of the Loreal Professionnel brand was established, which continues to this day: incessant research and innovation in the service of Beauty.

Brand values

Pioneering spirit

Loreal Professionnel is at the forefront of revolutionary innovations, driven by science, with an obsession with human safety and hair integrity.

Professional Hair Artistry

All care is developed based on expertise in deep hair and the requirement of technical services. The motto is unshakable: made by professionals for professionals.


Loreal Professionnel care is developed for professional performance, whether for exclusive salon application or for application at home. At your disposal are products, services, and an experience considered superior and unmatched in haircare.

From the heart of Paris

Born in Paris, the city of fashion, creation, and freedom of expression. The city of pioneering and avant-garde spirit, in which beauty care began to gain importance and a unique savoir-faire.

The professional pioneers of Paris

Loreal Professionnel has a legacy, which continues to this day, of innovation, trust, and a close relationship with the professional community.

  • Innovation in technical products: the invention of the first harmless hair dye and the first cold perm.
  • Safe performance: among other breakthroughs, the invention of the skin allergy test and the tone level scale. Defining protocols that protect the health and safety of hairdressers and guarantee effective results.
  • Community experience: the creation of the first school and of the first events and large-scale competitions in the hairdressing field.
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