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Collistar Italian Beauty Skincare


The history of the Collistar begins in 1983 in Milan, Italy. With the aim of making Italian passion known through beauty care. The brand combines high-technology products with exceptional results. Due to a scientific approach that blends with creativity, quality, and beauty.

You can find Collistar face and body care products for men and women. In addition to sunscreens, self-tanning, make-up, and hair care. You can also find perfumes and aromatherapy products of very high and recognized quality. It is because of this concern with quality that the brand has gained a worldwide dimension.

With special care in regard to sensority and customer experience, the products offer delicious and unique textures, in addition to their elegant packaging. As a consequence Collistar products have become objects of desire.

A true expression of Italian style and elegance.

Collistar Italian passion

Completely in love with its origins, in 2014 the project “Ti Amo Italia” was launched. A wonderful and positive project, which aims to spread the best that Italy can offer. “Ti Amo Italia” celebrates the ancient culture, the Italian beauty, the know-how of its talents, and divulges all the creativity and passion. Since then, all Collistar products developed with Italian ingredients, have been signed with “Ti Amo Italia”.

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Collistar speciale abbronzatura perfetta

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