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SVR Sensive Skincare


SVR was born in 1962 in a French family laboratory. It was developed by a visionary pharmaceutical couple – Simone and Robert Véret. They created the brand with the aim of offering dermatological care but showing that the skin is beautiful.

SVR, “dermatology is also beauty!”

Simone and Robert created the SVR to meet various skin needs. But with the aim of making the skin more and more beautiful and healthy. They then formulated their products with highly concentrated active ingredients, without however affecting the tolerance of the skin. In this way, it was possible to combine efficiency and tolerance in a formula.

The brand’s initial logo represents these two concerns: the snake that symbolizes health and the rose that personifies the beauty and delicacy of the skin. So the brand is a perfect harmony between beauty and health.

With worldwide expression, SVR is prescribed by dermatologists in more than 45 countries. Although its growth and size make it a global brand, its authenticity remains true to the values ​​of its origin!

100% tested on sensitive skin

SVR is a dermatological brand highly concentrated in active ingredients. However, the tolerance of the skin is a pillar in the philosophy of the brand. For this reason, all products are 100% tested on sensitive skin, ensuring optimal skin tolerance.

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