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Avène antirougeurs

Avène antirougeurs

Avène Antirougeurs, get rid of redness, today and tomorrow! Usually associated with skin sensitivity, redness is common, not serious, but often difficult to live with. Under the effects of a trigger, blood vessels in the skin dilate, causing an influx of blood to the face: this causes redness. Whether it’s a temporary or permanent blush, all women can be affected – but rest assured, with the right care, it’s no longer inevitable. Thanks to the Antirougeurs range, Avène Laboratories provide sensitive skin with a unique and suitable solution for different types of redness.

Avène Laboratories have developed and perfected a complete patented approach, combining three complementary active ingredients that work in synergy, to:

  • breaking the vicious circle responsible for redness and acting on all these triggers in advance.
  • quickly relieve sensations of heat and discomfort.
  • reduce and protect the microvessels responsible for redness.

The Antirougeurs range strikes the perfect balance between efficiency and safety. It guarantees a very good tolerance on the skin and eyes, perfect respect for the skin’s microbiome, as well as daily protection against UVA and UVB rays, which are partially responsible for the appearance and aggravation of redness. Finally, a comprehensive and long-lasting solution for skin prone to redness!

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