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Sesderma c-vit

Sesderma c-vit

Sesderma C-Vit is a super-complete vitamin C-based antioxidant range. Developed with Ascorbyl Glycoside – stable version of vitamin C – this line has a triple action: depigmenting, stimulating collagen synthesis and antioxidant. While depigmenting this line inhibits tyrosinase, an enzyme essential for the production of melanin. As a promoter of collagen synthesis the C-Vit line offers an ideal concentration of vitamin C for the synthesis of collagen, since vitamin C is essential for its formation. Finally, it acts as an antioxidant by protecting against the damage that free radicals cause in cells. UV rays produce a breakdown of vitamin C levels in the skin. This line restores ideal levels by optimizing protection against free radicals. In Sesderma there are several formulas available with 3 types of vitamin C, depending on the benefit to be obtained: pure vitamin C for a flash treatment; Vitamin C stabilized to treat skin daily; and liposome vitamin C for in-depth treatment. Choose the C-Vit care best suited to your skin’s needs…

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