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Nuxe crème fraîche de beauté

Nuxe crème fraîche de beauté

Nuxe Crème Fraîche de Beauté is the perfect delectable 48h moisturizing solution for each skin type!

Thanks to ultra-sensorial formulas developed according to the NUXE clean beauty charter, Crème Fraîche de Beauté offers immediate and lasting moisturizing action. These delectable vegan formulas combine the softness of Sweet Almond Botanical Milk and Oil with a “hyaluronic-like” Red Seaweed Extract.

Advantages: gentle care products that respect the skin microbiome. Proven by a laboratory with expertise in microbiology: these formulas preserve the skin’s natural balance. For fresh skin that is full of vitality.

Pure delectable pleasure

Discover all the sensorial pleasure of delectable moisturizing, with this palette of ultra-appealing textures. Real sensorial delights: offering multifaceted milky pleasure for the skin, from the richest buttery texture to the lightest fluid or the velvety finish of the cream.

The range’s luscious iconic scent creates a unique olfactory signature that takes pleasure to new heights. Delectable notes of Orange Blossom are enhanced by the delicate freshness of Petitgrain on a woody base of Cedar.

Star ingredient: a unique combination of Sweet Almond Botanical Milk and Oil

To promote immediate and lasting moisturizing, Nuxe research has combined Sweet Almond Botanical Milk and Oil.  Thanks to its hydrophilic molecule content, Sweet Almond Milk traps water molecules on the skin’s surface for an instant moisturizing effect. Sweet Almond Oil s obtained by cold-pressing almonds, a green and environmentally friendly process. Its rich content of fatty acids and vitamins also helps to retain water deep inside the skin for lasting moisturizing.

Which Crème Fraîche de Beauté is right for me?

  • Normal skin? Try the delicious velvety finish of the 48h moisturising anti-pollution cream for instantly plumper and more luminous skin.
  • Combination skin? Choose the Mattifying Fluid, its light texture creates an instant mattifying effect and tightens pores.
  • Dry skin? The rich butter texture of the Rich Cream is ideal for you. It protects and comforts skin with its rich content of Shea and Moringa butter.
  • Do you dream of a beauty routine in a single tube? Look no further than our magical multi-purpose cream, Crème Fraîche de beauté 3-in-1.
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