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Erborian detox

Erborian detox

Erborian detox…

Korean women are very particular about their skin cleansing rituals. The Korean cleansing ritual is composed of several distinct steps, based on the premise that this is the most important step in the skincare routine as it enables the complexion to receive the following active ingredients.

In this sense, Erborian detox gathers a set of care products specially developed to detoxify the skin of all impurities and daily aggressions. It, therefore, balances all skin types, while reducing unwanted shine, purifying and increasing the skin’s luminosity. It also reinforces the protection of the complexion against external aggressors and prevents the development of skin imperfections.

Erborian Detox Benefits

– Purifies the skin.
– Refines pores.
– Eliminates unwanted shine.
– Matte effect.
– Visibly smoother complexion.
– Preserves skin’s natural moisture.
– Super comfortable skin.
– Skin is smooth, silky, and soft to the touch with radiance and balance.

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