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Kérastase genesis homme

Kérastase genesis homme

Kérastase Genesis Homme is the brand’s first dual-action anti-hair fall care. Thus, it is specially designed for men with weakened, thin hair as well as hair prone to fall.

The hair becomes denser and stronger in the long term.

The luxurious scent of the range

The range is formulated with irresistible woody notes. Rounder and warmer like amber, its fragrance is more masculine than feminine and promises to envelop the strands in an elegant and invigorating scent.

Its formula

More than 70% of men in the world suffer from hair loss. That’s why Kérastase, in a powerful partnership between scientists and hairdressers, created the powerful Kérastase Genesis Homme treatment that, in just 6 weeks, restores fullness and strength to the hair fiber.

To do so, its care is composed of the following star ingredients:

  1. Ginger Roots
  2. Creatine
  3. Thickening polymers
  4. Finally, there is also the famous Aminexil, a key ingredient to prevent as well as, reverse hair loss.

The products

The range consists of 5 key products:

Instantly get more density and hair full of life while treating hair loss

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