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Montibello smart touch

Montibello smart touch

Montibello smart touch is Montibello’s vegan-friendly treatment line, suitable for people in action who are looking for easy and rewarding solutions. Products with immediate action and results that are visible from the first moment.

The simplest, most effective, and intelligent solutions for hair, with practical all-in-one products with instant results.

Montibello smart touch range of all-in-one products guarantees instant results, with innovative skincare technologies applied to hair care. This gives professional results with a long-lasting effect.

This range is also composed of a Mix and Match program that combines the products that suit your hair.
Its products are formulated with superfoods that care for your hair.

The products were specially designed to meet different needs, such as:

  • Hydration with Time To Recharge – revitalizes, protects color and moisturizes the hair. It also compensates for the negative effects of water loss: breakage, dryness, loss of shine, and color.
  • Repair with Time To Recover – gives hair youth, strength, and resilience. Repairs the most damaged hair with a blend of powerful repairing and anti-aging active ingredients.
  • Protection with Time To Detox – ideal for oxygenating scalp and hair suffocated by impurities, pollution, and contamination. Purifies and revitalizes, providing the shine and softness of healthy hair.

Montibello has formulated smart touch products to offer you simple, effective, and intelligent solutions for your daily life.

Revitalize your hair at home with the Montibello smart touch hair range with an instant effect. These days at home can become a good time to recover those hair beauty routines that we had put aside due to lack of time.

With the products of this range, from the first application, you will notice how your hair looks healthy, hydrated, and luminous, ready for the new season.

A simple, effective, and intelligent range.

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