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Phyto phytodetox

Phyto phytodetox

Phyto phytodetox is a range developed to restore comfort and freshness to greasy and/or intoxicated hair. Wrapped in a revitalizing aroma phytodetox will free the hair fiber of all accumulated residues giving rise to looser and shinier hair.

Its formula…

Every day we are exposed to a number of aggressors that compromise the integrity of the fiber and the normal functioning of the scalp. Namely pollution, stress, product accumulation, hard water… Thus, it is quite common for hair to become greasy, stiff, and dull.

To prevent these excesses from intoxicating our hair, Phyto Laboratories has developed hair products capable of absorbing impurities, returning softness as well as movement to the strands. For this purpose they consist of:

  • Eucalyptus essential oil offers a refreshing action.
  • Burdock extraction. Helps detoxify the scalp while providing lightness to polluted hair that tends to become oily very quickly.

In other words, ideal for fans of always clean hair, Phytodetox offers a cleansing action with a dual anti-odor effect. That is it neutralizes bad odors (tobacco, pollution, cooking…) and as prevention, keeps them from attaching to the hair.

How to use Phyto phytodetox products?

Once a week, you should start the detoxification process by applying the phytodetox pre-shampoo purifying mask. Distribute scratch by scratch on the dry scalp. Then, massage gently leaving the care to act for 10 minutes before shampooing.

To wash with shampoo, apply shampoo evenly, massage in, and rinse thoroughly when emulsified. We recommend using Phytodetox shampoo once or twice a week.

To finish the detox routine spray the anti-odor mist evenly and do not rinse. Then comb through as usual.


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