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Redken extreme

Redken extreme

Redken extreme is a hair care for dry and brittle hair.

Enriched in moisturizing and fortifying actives this range makes the strands more resistant and shiny. In other words, perfectly healthy.

The formulas…

Infused with repairing and fortifying actives, Extreme allows hair to grow more resistant to aggressions. So, by using this range, not only will you be recovering the integrity of the damaged fiber, but you will also be allowing the strands to grow up to 15 centimeters. In this sense, it is especially indicated for hair that has undergone chemical processes such as discoloration, weak hair that, due to its length, becomes brittle, and also for hair with split and dry ends.

In order to offer greater and healthier hair length, Extreme has a set of technologically innovative assets, such as Redken‘s growth complex. This complex, since it is enriched with biotin – a vitamin essential for the formation of hair keratin and, as a result, the structure of the hair fiber – will make hair stronger and less brittle. Offering professional quality action from the lengths to the ends.

Hair breakage is reduced by up to 81%.

Which Redken Extreme product is best suited for my hair?

Choose the care line that best suits your hair needs.

  • Extreme bleach recovery for dry and bleached hair.
  • Extreme length is especially recommended for long hair which, due to its length, is more prone to breakage.
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