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Bioderma sebium

Bioderma sebium

Bioderma Sébium is a solution for combination, oily, and acne-prone skin.

Specially developed to regulate the excessive production of sebum typical of this type of skin, Bioderma Sébium allows the quality and quantity of sebum produced by the skin to be restored, enabling it to recover its natural balance. In this sense, its formulas are infused with exclusive technology of the brand (SeboRestore) that combines the patent Fluidactiv + Bakuchiol.

How SeboRestore Technology works

Since the Fluidactiv patent has unique effectiveness on sebum quality, it not only limits squalene oxidation and maintains sebum fluidity, but also limits the appearance of acne lesions and their recurrence. In other words, it enables the sebum to become less thick, comedogenic, and irritating.

In turn, Bakuchiol (an ingredient of natural origin), thanks to its excellent affinity with the skin and its antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, is key to preventing the proliferation of C.anes and the oxidation of lipids.

As a result, day after day, skin appears more hydrated, purified, and free of imperfections.

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