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Isdin woman

Isdin woman

Isdin woman, a full range of skin care products specially developed to take care of women’s skin challenges.

Whether to help firm, remodel, or tone the skin this is a range enriched in actives of natural origin, able to support the various stages of female life. In other words moisturizing, body beauty products, intimate hygiene, and for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

“Effective solutions to enhance your well-being. So that you will never stop feeling the same, nor stop feeling good”

– Body solutions: our body follows all the changes in our life, so Isdin Woman brings together a set of body care that will keep your skin perfectly hydrated and toned.

– Intimate hygiene: for a perfectly balanced intimate area, here you will find the care specifically formulated for this delicate area. In short, Isdin offers cleansing, moisturizing and comforting care for your everyday life.

– Pregnancy and breastfeeding: so that you always feel good in your skin during and after childbirth. Prevents stretch marks and loss of elasticity/toning of the skin.

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