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Filorga was born in 1978 for the passion of Michel Tordjman. A French doctor fascinated by aesthetic medicine. Dr. Michel pioneered the development of the complex NCTF – New Cellular Treatment Factor, which is the basis of all Filorga products!

NCTF the secret behind the success of Filorga

Initially, Dr. Michel intended to create a wide range of medical-aesthetic treatments such as peelings, hyaluronic acid injections, and mesotherapy. Until he discovered NCTF. A unique, injectable complex that prevents, slows, and corrects the signs of aging!

The NCTF was immediately the target of much curiosity in the medical community. This innovative complex combines more than 50 active ingredients. And it aims to create the ideal cellular ecosystem for the formation of young and beautiful skin. And the results were fabulous:

  • 147% increase in fibroblast stimulation;
  • 256% increase in stimulation of collagen production
  • and a 90% reduction in free radicals!

With more than 3 million bottles sold, NCTF is now the leading polyrevitalising agent used in mesotherapy treatment worldwide! This compound is cited in several medical publications and is widely discussed at medical conferences.

As research progressed, the NCTF complex evolved into a result of the work of the NCEF [New Cellular Encapsulated Factors] a unique complex that is present across the entire range.

Filorga Products

For over 35 years, Filorga Laboratories has been providing specialized solutions to combat skin aging. Today, the brand has become a leading brand of non-surgical anti-aging solutions for medical offices and consumers in general.

Developed by international experts, Filorga Medi-Cosmetique products occupy a prestigious position in more than 60 countries.

A range of products based on medical quality and formulated based on the combination of NCTF and hyaluronic acid. With an offer of 58 products, Filorga aims to offer clinically proven and optimized effectiveness in a premium product with a luxurious and sensory texture!

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