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It was in Paris in 1964, at the hands of the entrepreneur François Dalle, that Kérastase, the new hair concept, was born, uniting scientists and hairdressers to develop a luxury service to increase the natural beauty of hair. In this sense, the foundations of the brand are based on three key values: Performance, Expertise, and Personalization.

A deeply sensorial and personalized experience.

The Luxury Responsibility

Following hair care trends, the brand has expanded its responsibilities by enhancing its sense of luxury. In other words, each package reflects the magnificence of the formulas in them by adopting elegant and harmonious curves. Moreover, to highlight the sensuality of the most indulgent hair rituals, each package has a unique and matchless color.

However, never neglecting sustainability. That is, the design is inspired by lightness, thereby saving more than 45 tons of plastic per year.

Its formulas

Considered true bath jewels, all the brand’s formulas are designed in strict cooperation between scientists and hairdressers. Because this is the only way to benefit from their unique combination of expertise and innovation.

Despite its vast range of hair treatment, styling, and hair care products, perpetually a pioneer in its market segment, Kérastase invests in new solutions and ingredients daily.

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