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Neostrata resurface

Neostrata resurface

Neostrata resurface is an anti-aging line, with a powerful anti-wrinkle action, which presents solutions developed for all skin types.

Composed, above all, of renewing actives, in this care section, you will find solutions for the face and body that will prolong the rejuvenated appearance of the complexion. Which, as a result, will remain soft, smooth, luminous as well as uniform.

Main ingredients

Acting on wrinkles, this set of renewing products is ideal for offering a firming and anti-aging action in response to the signs of photoaging and intrinsic aging. To this end, the following active ingredients stand out:

  • Glycolic acid, which is recognized for its renewing capabilities, allows not only to balance oil production but also the appearance of imperfections and to lighten blemishes while evening out the skin’s texture.- antioxidant agents
  • Citric acid refines the skin’s texture, making it more luminous.
  • Lactobionic Acid infused with skin “friendly” actives, offers protection, hydration, and rejuvenation to all skin types wishing to combat photoaging.
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