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Nuxe sun

Nuxe sun

Nuxe Sun is the promise of a sublime and lasting tan but totally safe! Nuxe Labs have created the Nuxe Sun solar range. A range that offers ideal protection and guarantees a very sensorial Sun experience.

Developed with carefully selected photostable UVA and UVB filters, Nuxe sunscreens provide optimal protection against premature aging and skin blemishes. This anti-aging action is potentiated by natural antioxidants. The entire range of sunscreens also guarantees hydration of the skin even with intense sun exposure! Due to formulation with Water Hyacinth Extract. Thus the dehydration of the skin is prevented and the tan is maintained for a long time.

The Nuxe Sun line also has soothing skin ingredients. In order to minimize skin stress and inflammation of the skin to the Sun.

With rich textures, and a wraparound scent, the Nuxe Sun line gets a delightful tan due to the incorporation of Carob Seed Powder that enhances the tan of the skin.

Perfectly protected the skin gets a sublime and long-lasting tan.

Skin and Ocean Protect

Nuxe Sun products have been formulated to protect the skin and contribute to respect of marine environments.

Protect the skin

As part of its continuous “clean beauty” approach, Nuxe has opted for a rigorous selection of just 3 sunscreens in each formula, a patented system guaranteeing wide-spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays. These formulas also help protect the skin from premature photo-aging linked to the sun.

Protect the oceans

Nuxe Sun formulas contribute to respect of marine environments: they have been tested on the marine eco-system (algae and bacteria representative of marine life). The formulas are also water-resistant, which reduces the dispersion of sunscreens when swimming.

Nuxe Sun, A sublime tan and sensual pleasure

You can enjoy the sun’s warm caress with peace of mind while savoring the pleasure of sensual textures and a scent of adventure. A satiny oil, a light fluid, a melting cream…

The textures of Nuxe sunscreens captivate with their finish: non-sticky, leaving no white film on the skin. Their solar fragrance evokes the sweet smell of summer with zesty harmonies of Sweet Orange and Petitgrain in the head, wafting Tiare Coconut Flower in the heart, and a captivating base of Vanilla and Musk.

The formulas also contain a natural-origin tan-enhancing active ingredient, Carob Powder, that promotes lasting and luminous tanning.

Sun beauty routine

To effectively protect skin from the sun, it is important to apply a product that filters UV rays. In the city, on the beach, or in the mountains, we need to choose the right routine for our phototype (skin’s sensitivity to the sun) and exposure conditions. It is advisable to avoid exposure when the sun is at its most intense, between 11 am and 4 pm. A sun care product does not provide 100% protection.

Sun oil”, “sun cream for the face”, sun lotion, or “sun fluid”, whatever your preferred texture, it is essential to apply the product carefully and evenly, at least every 2 hours and always after swimming. Don’t forget your hair too, use a hair protection oil.

In the evening, gently remove UV filters, salt, chlorine, and sand with the After-Sun Hair and Body Shampoo before moisturizing your skin and applying the After-Sun Milk to make your tan last longer. Finish with a wafting cloud of Delicious Fragrant Water, the most irresistible of summer scents.

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