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Svr sun secure

Svr sun secure

Svr sun secure is the perfect range to accompany your summer days protecting you from sun exposure.

When summer arrives and the sunny days return, with it immediately comes the urge to go shoeless, in dresses, shorts, and sunglasses. And what does this mean? That it’s time to step up your sun protection.

Sun exposure, despite having many benefits for our well-being, consecutively has many repercussions and dangers for our skin health. This is why it is necessary to use daily sun protection, especially in these days of hotter weather and sun exposure.

The Svr sun secure range is a unique range that offers high dermatological protection while respecting the skin and the marine environment – without forgetting its dazzling textures and addictive scents!

This is a transparent sun protection range that will please the whole family from the youngest to the oldest.

The sunscreens of the Secure range, besides offering high protection, respect our skin and the marine environment. More and more the concern for the environment has to be one of the first things to keep in mind. Therefore, Svr sun range is specially made so as not to be harmful and polluting to the marine environment.

Besides all this, it ensures that you don’t get that white look that many sunscreens leave behind and therefore end up discouraging people from using sunscreen. Being transparent, it doesn’t leave visible marks, making it easier to reapply..

Because SVR care is concentrated on innovative actives and formulas, it offers confidence and pleasure in high doses.

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