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Caudalie Premier Cru: recover your youth
Caudalie Premier Cru: recover your youth

Caudalie Premier Cru: recover your youth

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Caudalie Premier Cru… A set of skincare products that will act on the 8 main signs of aging. But, what results can I get from using Premier Cru? For whom is it indicated? What has changed? Find out all about it in the blog article!

Skin concerns 

Aging gracefully is the dream for most of us. However, keeping skin smooth, with defined contours and volume may not be an easy task.

Skin aging is a continuous process consisting of several phases. First fine lines appear, then wrinkles become more pronounced, luminosity and a rested look are lost, plus the inevitable sagging appears. Although these signs emerge over decades, they are not only influenced by age, but also by external factors that promote a faster appearance of these signs. We are talking about sun exposure, pollution, and the permanent stress to which we are subject daily. As well as habits such as smoking and poor diet.

It should be pointed out that the skin aging process begins roughly from the age of 30 (but we are not all the same!). It is in this period of our lives that our body loses its normal capacity to produce certain components. Such is the case of elastin, amino acids, and collagen. This decrease makes us more vulnerable to external aggressors. This is because the skin does not have all the elements that allow it to play its role as a protective shield, and thereby an unbalance is created between daily aggressions and our ability to defend ourselves. This phenomenon is called oxidative stress, one of the main causes of skin aging.

“The combination of the best actives for a revolutionary solution against all the signs of aging.”

Caudalie Premier Cru: recover your youth

The Caudalie Premier Cru routine

Suitable for all types of mature skin (after 40 years of age), Caudalie‘s Premier Cru range gathers the brand’s best active ingredients into 4 distinct cares which, through an effective manner, will act against the 8 main signs of skin aging (you can find out which ones a little further on).

In this sense the range is composed of:

  1. The serum, fluid care that immediately offers intense hydration to the skin.
  2. The highly melting cream provides hydration, plumping, and a significant improvement in skin elasticity.
  3. The Rich Cream, thicker than the cream, is ideal for dry skin. Therefore, it not only corrects wrinkles, firmness, and volume (similar to the previous one) but also provides comfort and hydration to the most sensitive skin.
  4. The Eye Contour Cream, will nourish as well as brighten the eye area. It will visibly transform the eye area leaving it with fewer crow’s feet, puffiness, and dark circles under the eyes. In addition, it can be used on the lips, reducing wrinkles in this area as well.

Finally, the range has two refills for their face creams – the ultimate innovation in the skincare market when it comes to sustainability.

The 8 signs of skin aging 

  • Wrinkles;
  •  Fine lines;
  • Lack of volume;
  • Loss of firmness;
  • Less elasticity;
  • Skin blemishes;
  • Naturally more dehydrated skin;
  • Lack of luminosity.

The main differences between the new Caudalie Premier Cru and old range

The entire range is now dressed in purple/night blue. Perhaps to suggest the authenticity of the ingredients as well as the wisdom and wealth present in the formulas. Today, in addition to being vegan, the formulas contain at least 97% of ingredients of natural origin.

100% of natural origin, the exquisite perfume of this collection is based on hints of apricot extract, rose essence, cedarwood, and violet. You will certainly want to try it!

On the other hand, by reformulating this anti-aging line, Mathilde Thomas has made clear her commitment to being clean and sustainable.

In short, luxury is allied to eco-responsibility thanks to zero-waste packaging.

Thus, all packaging is 100% recyclable and refillable. Since, inside the containers, there are removable capsules that allow the face creams to be easily refilled. This highly environmentally friendly system saves tons of bottles as well as glass every year.

Caudalie Premier Cru: recover your youth

Constant scientific innovation and anti-aging efficacy

The French brand is known for working in collaboration with the most prestigious schools in the world. The Premier Cru range did not overlook this reality and so, after 10 years of cooperation with Harvard University, the TET8™ technology was patented. 

Simply revolutionary, this innovation combines vine Resveratrol with Honokiol (green extraction from the Magnolia tree). As a result, it boosts the activity of the TET enzyme and acts on the proteins of youth to correct the 8 signs of aging.

“You don’t need a miracle to correct wrinkles, you need patents.”

More actives Caudalie Premier Cru…

  • Vinifera

Caudalie’s patented ingredient is derived from the sap of the vine. In this sense, it has an exceptional anti-spot action. More effective than vitamin C.

  • Hyaluronic acid

100% of natural origin and also produced by biotechnology, it continuously smoothes and moisturizes the skin’s surface.

  • Tensioning sugars

Finally, eco extracted and 100% natural origin, while visibly smoothing wrinkles in 3 minutes, reduces depth, length, and surface at the same time.

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