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Nuxe Merveillance lift: all you need to know

Nuxe Merveillance lift: all you need to know

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Nuxe Merveillance lift …. Who is it indicated for? What does it do and what results can we expect from using it? Read this blog article and find out all about the latest range from the French brand. 


Did you know that after the age of 30 our skin loses some of its main components (elastin, collagen and amino acids) that allow it to play its role as a protective shield against external aggressors? Namely against the sun, pollution, and even oxidative stress? As a result, the firm, youthful appearance begins to fade, giving way to some expression wrinkles, loss of elasticity as well as skin blemishes. That is why it is essential to adopt specific care products that face the effects of time and restore the radiance of rejuvenated skin. It is in this sense that Merveillance Lift emerges. 

Nuxe Merveillance lift

Indicated from 35 years of age – the period from which cell damage is visible on the complexion – Merveillance Lift is an anti-aging range that performs a powerful action against wrinkles and loss of firmness. 

Ideally, anti-aging care is used as prevention before these signs show up comfortably on our skin. Only in this way can you prevent expression wrinkles from expanding to deeply unpleasant marks as well as your complexion from looking dull and lifeless. But the benefits of these cosmetics go beyond the aesthetic effects! This care is also fundamental for our skin to repel all the harmful effects to which we are exposed on a daily basis. As is the case of free radicals, for example. 

Therefore, from the age of 30/35 it is crucial to use products that have a series of properties that act against aging induced when collagen and elastin start to deteriorate.


Nuxe Merveillance lift main active ingredients 

The care products in this range are formulated with an ultra-corrective micro-algae. With visible results, this active provides unique sensory textures as well as an excellent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action. 

Since this micro-organism is enriched with an enormous diversity and quantity of nutrients, it is able to stimulate collagen production and elasticity as well as to restore optimal moisture levels. As a result, the skin feels noticeably firmer and softer to the touch.

In short, this skin superhero promotes skin regeneration. Since it is a natural source of antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins.

Nuxe Merveillance Lift: tudo o que deve saber

The results you can expect 

  • Rapid absorption;
  • Maintains the perfect balance of minerals, vitamins and nutrients;
  • Visibly nourishes the skin;
  • Acts against radiation and is therefore an excellent antioxidant;
  • Leaves the skin immediately smoother, more flexible and toned;
  • Corrects wrinkles, puffiness as well as signs of fatigue;
  • Lifting and tensing effect for a firmer complexion. 
How to Maximize the Effects of Nuxe Merveillance lift

Combining anti-aging care with a complete skincare routine is the secret formula for achieving a flawless complexion. So don’t forget! Start with a proper skin cleansing. Then, ideally, apply a facial toner in order to eliminate any impurities left behind, as well as to maximize the effects of the actives later applied to the skin. Then moisturize, with day/night and eye cream. For effect on the face, neck and décolleté apply a small amount of the cream. In particular, on the face start on the forehead and each side of the face, spreading with circular motions. These should start below the eyes and go towards the jawline in order to stimulate the lymphatic system and cell renewal. Finish while running your fingertips over the surface. 

Finally, it is vital that you protect your skin. Therefore you should apply sun protection every day.


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