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Chloé: Find the fragrance that suits your personality
Chloé: Find the fragrance that suits your personality

Chloé: Find the fragrance that suits your personality

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Chloé stands for ambition, authenticity as well as independence, lightness, sensuality, femininity… and much more!

Which perfume matches your style and personality?

A perfume reflects traits of our personality, state of mind, and even wishes. Buying an Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette sometimes is not easy. With such distinct offers, it’s very easy to get lost in the aromatic world of perfumes. So, take this little quiz and find out which Chloé fragrance suits your personality best.

1. If you could live forever in one season of the year, which would it be?
  • Spring or Summer
  • Fall or Winter
2. Do you prefer soft or intense scents?
  • Soft
  • Intense
3. What is the perfume note that most appeals to your senses?
  • Floral and/or citrus
  • Woody and/or Cyprus
4.Which personality traits do you most relate to?
  • Feminine, classic, and discreet
  • Adventurous, sensual, and daring.
5. When buying a perfume how important is its naturalness, eco-sustainability as well as knowing that it does not contain raw materials of animal origin?
  • Super important. If it does not meet these requirements I go for another product.
  • I value other qualities more.

Your Chloé perfume is…

If you answered mostly “A)” to questions 1 to 4, then the fragrance best suited to your personality is Chloé Eau de Parfum. A feminine, soft formula, enriched with floral high notes. The woman in this fragrance, even if modern, values classic features, the feeling of security, and also power and sophistication. Active, she asks for more striking, opulent floral notes, or she also shows a preference for woody notes.

In the same way, if you consider yourself discreet and ultra-romantic opt for Chloé love story Eau de Parfum. Naturally graceful, the extra-delicate floral notes of this perfume are ideal for everyday life, giving it a light and timeless trail.

Moreover, if your style calls for elegant and refined notes, marked by striking character,  Rose Tangerine is for you. Who prefers energy and movement while being communicative and curious.

Chloé: Find the fragrance that suits your personality

On the other hand, if you have opted mainly for “B”, the perfume that will earn it is Nomade. A chypre, woody, floral scent perfect for women with daring, adventurous, irreverent as well as sensual personalities. Audacious, self-confident, determined, and secure. The Nomade woman knows what she wants, overcoming any setbacks in an agile and refined way.

Chloé: Find the fragrance that suits your personality

Finally, in the last question, if you preferred option “A” the indicated choice is Eau de Parfum Naturelle or Nomade Naturelle fragrances. Two vegans, eco-conscious interpretations that connect the strength and spontaneity of nature with the free spirit of the Chloé woman. Effortless, elegant, authentic, and conscious, this woman lives in harmony and is inspired by the natural environment.

Did you know…

  • > Light fragrances, particularly fruity floral and citrus ones, work very well on warm days? In winter, it is normal to prefer fuller-bodied perfumes, since woody and oriental touches are associated with comfort and well-being.
  • > Perfumes tend to stabilize better on oily skin? The reason is simple, all perfumes have an alcohol base that is more consistent with the naturally produced oil on the skin. In addition, fragrances are volatile, and therefore on dry skin, they are quickly absorbed. This can compromise the original aromas of the perfume. To preserve the perfume’s scent as well as increase its durability, I recommend that you apply a moisturizing cream beforehand.

Do you already know the Chloé perfumes? Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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