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5 Reasons why you should choose Plant-based Hair Coloring

5 Reasons why you should choose Plant-based Hair Coloring

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Plant-based Hair Coloring … Is this coloring method more effective than traditional hair coloring? After decades of research, the hair cosmetic market is revolutionized by more eco-conscious and respectful of the hair’s natural composition.

Read the article and find out what it is and what makes it different from chemical coloring. And learn the whole science behind PhytoColor- the first 100% plant-based solution on the market.

What is Plant-based Hair Coloring?

By definition, it is called vegetable-based hair coloring when it is composed of 100% of vegetable pigments.

Many people want to change the color of their hair. But did you know that 25.8% of women living in Portugal, for example, color their hair at home? In a routine usually performed every 2 months, permanent hair coloring is the most popular. Thanks to the evolution of the beauty market, it is possible to obtain superb results in vegetable coloring. It is a hair transformation method that has been gaining more and more followers around the globe due to its unmatched dual-action.

Chemical Coloring vs. Plant-based Hair Coloring

More than coloring, changing hair tone is, in many cases, a form of self-expression. However, the fear of damaging the hair strands by making them drier, more brittle, and prone to hair loss is still real. Therefore, this method, which is more respectful of the hair’s natural composition, is commendable.

So here are some of the benefits you can get from vegetable hair coloring:

  • It is a gentler method for the hair since it acts as care. That is, at the same time you are pigmenting the strands, you are creating a film around the cuticle. That will act as a protective shield.
  • Since this coloring method is done using natural pigments that coat the strands, the color will fade naturally over time, including at the roots.
  • In addition, it should be pointed out that it enhances the natural color. And so it is perfect for people who, due to chemical coloring, have opaque and porous hair.
  • Finally, since it is infused with nourishing and repairing actives the color remains protected. The strands not only reveal a revived radiance but also softness and more volume.
Chemical coloring, on the other hand…
  • Modifies the structure of the hair and, consequently, its balance. This is because it will penetrate the hair shaft down to the cortex.
  • It is rich in ammonia, which can induce dehydration, loss of nutrients, as well as breakage, and loss of volume.
  • Since its color is artificial, it is composed of dyes and oxidants. Two agents are capable of inducing high chemical reactivity, thus causing physical damage to the fiber as well as to the scalp.


Plant-based Hair Coloring... what is it and what distinguishes it from chemical coloring? Is this method as effective than the traditional one?

The PhytoColor solution

The Phyto brand innovates by extracting its active ingredients from the heart of the plant world to preserve health and reveal the beauty of hair.

To do this, it uses its Phytosolba laboratories, located in France, to produce its extractions using its techniques and know-how, which make Phytoextracts not unique but also exceptionally effective. Only in this way, together with an extremely careful selection of ingredients, does the brand guarantee that its 100% plant-based coloring formulas act without aggression, gently and effectively.

The art of concentrating plants to the extreme.

The hair color kit was the first permanent coloring care with ammonia-free vegetable pigments on the market. Its pleasant application combines performance, color, beauty, and respect for the scalp to offer maximum comfort at the time of application.

Ammonia is replaced by an unscented catalyst, ethanolamine, which opens the scales of the hair fiber and prepares the hair to receive the coloration at the ideal doses. In addition, it makes it possible to color the hair without drying it out, as well as to provide it with an exquisite fragrance.


Being a 100% plant-based hair color, the array of colors is the result of a blend of plants. We reveal the secrets that originated 20 natural shades which enhance your color while maintaining the health and integrity of the hair.

  • Naturalness. That is, the formulas are enriched with vegetable pigments for intense color with infinitely natural highlights.
  • Action. Each shade contains up to 7 pigments to obtain a unique color recipe. Normally, each formulation contains a maximum of 3 to 4 pigments.
  • Caution. Each hair color kit product is concentrated in natural, nourishing oils to enhance color.
  • Respect.  Finally, the formulas have natural soothing actives to preserve the scalp as well as the hair fiber.

As a result an authentic, vibrant color with deep, radiant highlights. 

Have you tried the PhytoColor range? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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