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Perfume notes: discover the aromatic evolution of a perfume, as well as important tips for choosing the next scent in your collection. 
Perfume notes: know the integrity of your fragrance.

Perfume notes: know the integrity of your fragrance.

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We have all experienced the olfactory variations of a perfume. From the moment we put it on until the end of the day it is normal to feel different perfume notes. 

The reason for this is very simple and worry-free. In this post, discover the aromatic evolution of a perfume, as well as important tips when choosing the next scent for your collection. 

So, what are perfume notes?

The fusion of distinct ingredients and aromas makes a fragrance original and unique. Once they reach a perfect balance, they give the perfume a remarkable character.

  • Top notes

When vaporizing the perfume on our skin the top notes are the ones that will immediately reveal themselves. More volatile, they evaporate easily, and thus, when the perfume melts into the skin, they last about 15 minutes. 

In short, they introduce the senses to a light fragrance in a way that will seduce those who smell it for the first time. To that end, refreshing, citrus, and aromatic chords are featured.

  • Heart notes

Immediately following are the heart notes which, as the name implies, will be responsible for bringing the essence to life. In other words, they reveal the perfume’s true aromatic identity and can endure for up to 2 hours. 

Therefore, its composition resorts to more powerful chords. Such is the case of flowers, leaves, and spices. 

  • Base notes 

More robust, the base notes are slowly evaporating and, therefore, not only take longer to emerge but are also accountable for extending the fragrance’s durability (between 8 and 24 hours). Thus, long-lasting aromas will predominate, namely wood, leather, tobacco, and spices. 

Furthermore, it will be these chords that will be impacted by the composition of the skin. That is, they will differ abruptly from person to person. 

Additional Tips: 

  • To prolong the durability of the perfume, apply it to the warm areas of the body. This is wrists, behind the ears, inside of the elbows as well as the knees. 
  • After vaporizing, do not rub the perfume! This way you will promote its evaporation. If you want an overpowering effect let the fragrance dry naturally. 
  • When you buy your perfume in a boutique, try the different scents in the pads. Then, after selecting your two favorite perfumes, ask them to apply them to your skin (one on each wrist, for example) and take a walk around the mall. These steps are important to avoid olfactory fatigue – common after trying several scents – as well as to be able to follow the natural evolution of the perfume and its adjustment to your skin’s pH. 

This brings us to the next tip…

  • Don’t buy perfume because you liked it on your friend. The pH of the skin is unique and will determine how the perfume changes over time. Therefore, since some people have more acidic pH and others are more alkaline, the scent is simply never the same when applied to the skin. 
  • Finally, did you know that oily skin retains scents better than dry skin? Given its composition, perfume sticks to oil better, so if you have a dry complexion, apply a moisturizing cream before spraying the perfume. Using a body lotion with the same fragrance will sublimate your favorite perfume while ensuring that it lingers all day long!
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