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EDP EDT and EDC: discover the differences and their main features. Choose the perfume that best suits your personality.
EDP EDT and EDC: learn the differences

EDP EDT and EDC: learn the differences

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When it comes to choosing which perfume best suits our personality it is possible to get overwhelmed not only with the number of offers but also with the different typologies. In this post we explain what EDP, EDT, and EDC mean, as well as their main features, so you can find out the most suitable fragrance for you.

The meaning

Extremely recognized in the world of boutiques and perfumeries, as well as by their most loyal consumers, we begin by clarifying the meaning of the three acronyms presented. In this sense: 

  • EDP is nothing less than the abbreviation for Eau de Parfum. 
  • EDT, in turn, means Eau de Toilette. 
  • EDC stands for Eau de Cologne.

The differences between EDP EDT and EDC

All fragrances are made up of water and alcohol. As such, it is the fusion of ingredients and fragrances, as well as their concentration, that makes the scent original and unique. 

The perfect balance between the active ingredients establishes the perfume’s remarkable and unique character.

Did you know that, on top of that, it is the concentration of the fragrance that dictates how long the scent will remain on the skin?

Eau de Parfum is the most recognized type of perfume on the market. With the fragrance concentrated between 15% to 25%, it has an intense and long-lasting aroma that lingers for 8 to 10 hours. With just one application!  Therefore, it is safe to say that this type of perfume is indicated for lovers of strong aromas and long-lasting scents. For this purpose, we recommend spraying it directly on the skin over the areas where you feel your heart beating… in other words, on your wrists, and behind your ears.

More restrained than the previous one, Eau de Toilette takes second place in the pyramid of concentrations with 8% to 14%. This leads to the durability of 6 to 8 hours on the skin ( depending on its aromatic family of course).  It is a very versatile product. The perfect option for occasions when you need a soft, fresh scent. Our advice is to spray it on your clothes (where the evaporation is slower) as well as on warm areas of your body with 3-4 sprays. Again on wrists, behind the ears, and inside the elbows.

Finally, the Eau de Cologne, with a maximum concentration of only 7%, is an excellent accessory to keep in your wallet. With the durability of 2 hours, it has lighter chords as well as less intense scents. Therefore, it is the best option to refresh yourself throughout the day. This way, it will ensure that the fragrance spreads for longer periods.

Lyskin Tip:

Have you ever noticed that you no longer sense your favorite perfume’s scent? If so, you are probably experiencing olfactory fatigue. It is quite usual and occurs when you get used to the concentration of the fragrances you use the most. However, it is reversible, and for that, we leave here some tricks. 

The most obvious solution is to temporarily change perfume. However, not all of us are willing to do it, and if that is your case, we leave a couple of choices. 

  1. First, we recommend that just before you leave the house you vaporize the fragrance again. This step will allow you to feel the top notes again.
  2. If, on the other hand, you are comfortable taking a risk, try topping off your usual fragrance with a new one. That way you’ll be refreshing your senses. 

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