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Avène cleanance

Avène cleanance

Avène Cleanance

Eliminating acne is a mission that Avène takes very seriously. And Cleanance skin care products continue to demonstrate the 30-year commitment to all acne-prone skin types.

Purify, correct, support, or beautify oily or acne-prone skin in teenagers or adult women: a complete range that guarantees effectiveness and high tolerance, alone or in combination with a prescription treatment. Don’t give up, the Cleanance range is your best ally in this fight!

So, Cleanance offers skincare and hygiene, recommended by dermatologists that effectively and lastingly reduce excess oil, pimples, and blackheads. Teenagers have a lot to think about, from friendships to worries about schoolwork. The Cleanance range provides specialist solutions with clinically proven effectiveness after 7 days, to combat shine, blemishes, and residual marks. With Cleanance, regain control of your skin!

Avène Cleanance Women

The effectiveness of Cleanance is adapted to the life (and skin) of adult women. Mostly associated with adolescence, imperfections and blemishes also affect adults, but in a different way. These are mostly inflammatory blemishes, often located on the lower part of the face, that take some time to go away.

Adult women’s skin is sensitive, combination or dry, and particularly subject to daily aggressions. It can react with areas of shine, enlarged pores, and be prone to occasional or persistent imperfections. These imperfections are difficult to deal with, as they can undermine self-confidence and sometimes leave behind the bitter taste of déjà vu… That’s why Avène laboratories used their expertise to create Cleanance Women, the new anti-imperfection care routine dedicated to adult women.

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